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Hello, I would like to invite you to join this community filled with active and friendly trades that discuss everything related to the world of cryptocurrencies. Share your experience in our chat room and learn a lot on this server. We are also hosting regular coin holds & Buy/Sell Calls which are genuinely successful. Feel Free To Join Completely for FREE; This Is ONLY Temporary! A Monthly Based Subscription Will Be Implemented SOON! So Join NOW, Before Its TOO LATE!

My Cryptocurrency Channel is for all of our Traders out there. I have my Bachelors’s Degree in The Arts of Entrepreneurship and have been investing and helping newcomers learn the ins and outs of Trading in the Crypto Space!

History is in the making, and there is no better time to get involved. No experience is needed; I will be Streaming Live on Discord, YouTube, and Twitch. We will be learning Price Action Trading Secrets, Market Cipher, T.A, On-Chain, Fundamental Analysis, Candle Chart Patterns, Spot Buy/Sell Signals, Indicators & Oscillators, etc.






Author: Danny_DeFi

Bachelors of Arts Degree in Entrepreneurship from The Forbes School of Business and Technology, and currently working on my MBA Online at The University of Arizona State Global. I have been extremely blessed, considering I had set my career and work line in place before the Pandemic struck. I've spent the majority of 2017-2018 structuring the foundation for my "Laptop Lifestyle" Career. Im an Entrepreneur at heart; I make money by helping others make money. Some of the businesses I've started and niches I freelance in are: Mentor and Life Coach, Online/Email/Affiliate Marketing, Medical MMP Access and Medicinal Cannabis, Cryptography/T.A analyst, full-time Crypto/Futures/Forex/Stock Trader, Web Design/Funnel Hacking, Advertising/Promoting, and SEO/Google Ranking and Analytics.

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